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Julien Boucher is an expert in environmental science and life cycle management and ecodesign. He studied environmental engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), and holds a PhD in chemistry. He worked as a researcher, environmental consultant, product manager and managing director.
Julien is passionate about understanding and shaping the conditions enabling individuals and organisations to take action and increase their environmental performance. He believes in an actor-centric approach of environmental performance management, where the right actors takes the right decisions based on the right informations and motivations.
He recently developped a strong expertise in the field of marine litter and the modelling of plastic flows from the technosphere to the environment. He is currently developping the first plastic footprint methodology for companies and products,  in partnerships with NGOs, industry associations and brand owners.



  • Eco-design
  • Life cycle assessment , Ecobilan
  • Environmental management
  • Plastic pollution

Main research thematics

  • Eco-design methodological approach
  • Gamification for sustainable development
  • Marine Litter & Plastic Footprint

Main research projects

  • Shaping Environmental Information into Environmental Action
  • Eco-design barometer
  • Development of a Plastic Footprint Methodology

Key conferences and publications

  • Boucher J. Jenny C. Plummer Z. Schneider G. (2018). How to Avoid Pigeonholing the Environmental Manager? Sustainability 2018. 10, 2538. doi:10.3390/su10072538. 
  • Boucher J. and Friot D. (2017). Primary Microplastics in the Oceans: A Global Evaluation of Sources. Gland, Switzerland: IUCN. 43pp. 
  • Boucher J. Evequoz P. Friot D. Mayer S. Van Lierde, N. (2017) Adopting a life cycle perspective through ISO14001: a game changer, ENEC publication 2017 (ISBN: 978-2-9537289-4-1). 
  • Boucher J. Jenny C. Schneider G. (2016). Maturité des entreprises au regard de l’éco-conception : faut-il sortir le manager environnement du placard ? Oral presentation at the Colloque National de l’Eco-conception, St-Etienne, 2-3 mai 2016.
  • Boucher J. Jenny C. Schneider G. (2015). Shaping Environmental Information into Environmental Action. Oral presentation at the 5th World Sustainability Forum, Basel, 8th  September 2015.
  • Boucher J., Jenny C., Schneider G., Sortir le Manager Environnement du Placard. Oral presentation at the 5th G21 Swisstainability Forum, Lausanne, 1-2 July 2015.

Professional experience

  Since 2015

  Associate Executive Director, EA

  • Provide consulting and training to organisations in the management of their environmental performance and in the integration of environmental aspects within business activities and priorities
  • Co-develop and spread new approaches to make Life Cycle Assessment operational

  Since 2014

  Senior Research Scientist, HEIG-VD

  • Conducting research projects in the field of ecodesign and environmental management

  2013 - 2014 

  Climate Change Expert, IUCN

  • Developing projects and initiatives for a better assessment and mitigation of the impact of climate change on ecosystems, and the valuation of Natural Capital in marine and coastal areas

  2010 - 2013

  • Senior Consultant Ecodesign, Quantis International (France)
  • Managing of the development and marketing of a new innovative ecodesign software : IMPULSIO (powered by Quantis SUITE 2.0)

  2008 - 2012

  Managing Director, Quantis International (France)

  • Sales and Key Account Management
  • Managing a network of business partners
  • Team management (10 consultants)
  • Financial management
  • Set-up of the company strategy with the board of directors

  2006 - 2008

  Project manager, Quantis International (France)

  • Built sustainable business relationships with new customers 
  • Operation (LCA project realisation and management, over 80 projects)
  • Sales

  2004 - 2008

  Founder and member of the Board, Usine21

  • Project management in the fiel of sustainable development
  • Member of the board of the association since 2004

  2006 - 2007

  Associate researcher in a CNRS project (Marine biology), CNRS

  • Studying the role of bacteria in the detoxification of Nautilus living in heavy metals contaminated marine ecosystems
  • Participation in the writing of the research proposal
  • Organisation of the fishing program in Vanuatu and New Caledonia
  • Analysis of metals in Nautilus tissues
  • Interpretation of results

  2006 - 2007

  Founder and Ecodesign Manager, EcoPrao

  • Design of a concept boat aiming at maximizing both technical and environmental performance. 

  2002 - 2006

  Researcher (PhD) and Teaching-assistant, EPFL

  • Performing research and teaching in the field of water treatment and biotechnology