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Anna Lupina- Wegener is a Full Professor at the Institut Interdisciplinaire du Développement de l'Entreprise (IIDE) within HEIG-VD. She investigates socio- cultural integration processes in cross-border mergers and acquisitions (M&As), change- and internationalization processes. In cross-cultural settings, Anna is interested in how managers, engineers and entrepreneurs develop collaborations with multiple stakeholders and how they overcome interpersonal, intergroup or interorganizational conflicts. She has conducted research projects looking into interactions of European managers with their counterparts in economies in transition: Brazil, China, Mexico, Poland and Russia. Anna is a committee member of the COST network "China in Europe"  >>



  • Business development: intercultural perspective
  • Change management
  • Global leadership development: cultural intelligence
  • Qualitative research methodology
  • Adult education, process consulting and trainings

Main research area

  • Intercultural management : Eastern Europe, China, other : Latin America
  • Cross-border mergers & acquisitions in emerging markets
  • Headquarters and subsidiary collaboration
  • Internationalizations strategies of emerging markets firms / European start-ups in emerging markets
  • Social Identity Theory, Neo-institutional Theory 

Main research projects

  • Internationalization Strategies of Swiss Born Global Companies to China; applicant, funded by RCSO Economie & Management 
  • Team Interactions and Effectiveness : The Case of Sino-Western Teams; partner, funded by RCSO Economie & Management >>
  • Identity Construction in Organizations Nested in Larger Structures: a Multiple Case Study of Sino-European M&As; applicant, funded by the Swiss National Research Foundation (FNS) >>
  • Internationalisation des PME Régionales et Marchés des Pays Emergents Asiatiques: Quels Services de Promotion Transfrontalière?; partner Canton Vaud, funded by Interreg Program

 Selected Publications

  • Prystupa, K., Johannot, C., Lupina-Wegener, A., (corresponding author). (2019). Lessons Learned from Swiss Born Globals Entering Brazil, Journal of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies
  • Marques, J. Lupina-Wegener. A., Schneider S. (2017). Internationalization strategies of emerging market banks: challenges and opportunities, Business Horizons (60), pp. 715-723
  • Lupina-Wegener A., Schneider, S., van Dick, R. (2015). The role of outgroups in constructing a shared identity: a longitudinal study of a subsidiary merger in Mexico, Management International Review, 55 (5), pp. 677-705
  • Chudzicka-Czupała, A., Grabowski, D. et al. (2015). Application of the theory of planned behavior in academic cheating – cross-cultural comparison, Ethics and Behavior, pp. 1-22
  • Lupina-Wegener A., Drzensky F., Ullrich, J., van Dick, R. (2014). Focus on the bright tomorrow: A longitudinal study on employee identification in a European merger in Mexico, British Journal of Social Psychology, 53, pp. 752-772
  • Lupina-Wegener, A. (2013). Human resource integration in subsidiary mergers and acquisitions: evidence from Poland, Journal of Organizational Change Management, 26 (2), pp.286-304
  • Chudzicka-Czupała, A. Lupina-Wegener, A., Borter, S. & Hapon, S. (2013). Students’ Attitude Toward Cheating in Switzerland, Ukraine and Poland, The New Educational Review, 32(2), pp. 66-77
  • Lupina-Wegener, A., Schneider, S. van Dick, R. (2011). Different experiences of socio-cultural integration: A European merger in Mexico, Journal of Organizational Change Management, 24 (1), pp. 65-89