Mary Jean

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Mary Jean B

Phone :     +41 24 557 61 74
Email :       maryjean.burer@heig-vd.ch

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Dr. Bürer has a doctorate in Economics from the University of St. Gallen. Since 1998, she has worked in the field of sustainability. She started her career with a focus on climate change policy and then moved on to focus on transportation and energy policy, as related to investment and innovation. She also served many years of service as Scientific Officer for the UN's IPCC. After the IPCC she came back to academia and was a Senior Researcher at EPFL's College of Management of Technology. In March 2018 she joined HEIG-VD where she works in particular on new business models in the energy sector.



  • Business Model Change and Innovation in the Energy Sector
  • Green Economy and Energy Transition-related Economic Indicators
  • Policies for climate and energy, including carbon pricing 
  • Design Thinking for the energy-related innovations and new Business Models

Main research area

  • Energy Transition
  • Business Model Innovation, and business model change related to policy and other economic framework conditions 
  • New Energy Technologies – Smart Grid, Blockchain applications, etc.

Main research projects

  • SCCER CREST : Working on a cross-country comparison of business model change in the energy sector via qualitative (case studies) and quantitative methods (building of an index) >>
  • Projet SCoDES : Smart Contrats dans le Domaine Economie et Services
  • IntegrCiTy : Decision-support environment for planning and integrating multi-energy networks and low-carbon resources in cities
  • Green Growth Knowledge Platform (GGKP) Scoping project on Metrics and Indicators for the green economy (with focus on innovation)

Selected Publications

  • Bürer, MJ. et al. (2018). Use cases for Blockchain in the Energy Industry - A critical review, IEEE International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation (ICE/ITMC), Special Issue, ICE/IEEE ITMC 2018 Stuttgart, 17.06. - 20.06, ISBN 978-1-5386-1468-6 | IEEE catalogue number CFP1839P-USB 
  • Wüstenhagen, R., Wolsink, M.,  Bürer, MJ., (2007). Social acceptance of renewable energy innovation: An introduction to the concept ,  Energy policy 35 (5), 2683-2691
  • Bürer, MJ., Wüstenhagen, R., (2009). Which renewable energy policy is a venture capitalist's best friend? Empirical evidence from a survey of international cleantech investors, , Energy Policy 37 (12), 4997-5006
  • Bürer, MJ., Wüstenhagen, R., Wüstenhagen et al.(Ed.). (2008). Cleantech venture investors and energy policy risk: an exploratory analysis of regulatory risk management strategies, , Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Edward Elgar Publishing

Professional experience

Since 2018
Project manager, HEIG-VD

2014 - 2018
Research Fellow, EPFL

2009 - 2014
Scientific Officer, IPCC

2008 - 2009
Post-doc Researcher, EPFL

2007 - 2008
Program Manager, University of St. Gallen - HSG

2005 - 2007
Research Associate, University of St. Gallen - HSG

2004 - 2006
Consultant, IPCC

2004 - 2005
Research Officer, Imperial College London